continuing, rotating exhibits of work by eleven artists from
across the US with an emphasis on
reductive and minimal drawing and sculpture
Ken Morgan

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My earliest high regards for the abstract expressionists remains to this day - artists who removed me from this earth and showed me a place never experienced before.
My father had this desire to be a performer. His expertise was acrobatics. With no background to build off of - he just trained himself. As my two brothers, sister and myself were born - he had a troupe “Al Morgan and his Toy Boys” and for twenty years - the first twenty years of my life - we performed, starting at local bars and ending on Don Amechi’s televised International Showtime.
I ran away from this - to art school.

[1967 - 70 Vesper George School of Art, Boston, MA]
Reducing everything to a dot and a line. I had finally come to reach - nothing - and at that point I was ready to begin- I looked and I looked. My father died. It’s funny that I started to see things - I saw riggings, trapezes, sway poles and in time I saw us and in time I saw the audiences. “new tricks” “side shows” “girlie shows” I returned to my father’s love and would carry on the act on my own terms -
A door became a symbol for me, allowing entrance - into the arena.

- excerpts from a Ken Morgan letter, September 2004 -

1949 - Hartford, CT
1972 - University of New Haven, CT
1974 - University of Bridgeport, CT
1967 - 70 Vesper George School of Art, Boston, MA
2012 - studio: Coventry, CT