continuing, rotating exhibits of work by eleven artists from
across the US with an emphasis on
reductive and minimal drawing and sculpture
John Robert Craft Installation View

cast iron sculpture and related wood-prints

I am forty five years old and live in the house I grew up in; with the same address and phone number.
I studied economics and ranch management; and sculpture under Harry Geffert, at TCU.
I graduated in 1985.
I am currently operating my family ranch and raising my family on the ranch.
I ranched, and made jewelry as a creative outlet until I turned forty, at which time I saw the train at the end of the tunnel and decided that if I was to make art I had better get on with it. So I am.
My iron objects are cast solid, and their weight feel in the hand is as important as their form. There is an integrity and honesty that is implied by these objects that is a direct connection to my ranching life. They are heavy and hard and the work that creates them is arduous and I like it that way.
Each object has a unique surface and shape that leaves a distinct mark.
The prints are a way to draw attention to the rich surfaces that are a product of the process of their being made. And in that process the object becomes a tool for a brief period.
I want people to lift and touch them so they are able to experience the work on multiple sensory levels.
I like that they are not so precious that they can’t be touched.

john robert craft - Clarendon, TX 2008