continuing, rotating exhibits of work by eleven artists from
across the US with an emphasis on
reductive and minimal drawing and sculpture
Nomad Song by Duane Zaloudek

Duane Zaloudek. Texhoma,Texas 1931.
Working in Manhattan 2011.
Exhibited from 1955 onward.
Whitney Museum of American Art 1969.
Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation award 1979.
Mark Rothko Foundation award 1985.
Careful layers of gesso on Belgian linen, edges exposed, clean. Watercolor pencil lines drawn along templates; softened away with a sable brush.
Deep inviting geometric spaces. White rectangular canvasses full of the universe.
Variations - almost always Nomad Song.

"I'm struck by the painting’s expansiveness, like a limitless steel Tony Smith, but with great economy of means. Paintings that reward prolonged, repeated contemplation."
— dennis dickinson

"..his paintings radiate a modesty that at first seems quite startling but then comes to seem simply exemplary. It is the painting and me, me in a space with the painting."
— Thomas Kellein